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Changes on the Board of Trustees
Former Board President Tami Lewis recently stepped down from the Association's Board of Trustees. However, I am happy to announce that Advisory Committee member Tony Goudie has been selected to fill the vacancy created by her departure. A long-time resident and lighthouse advocate, we are excited by Mr. Goudie's appointment and look forward to working closely with him in the years to come.

Recruited by Toni Girolami; one of the Association's most beloved former Board members; Tami began her official affiliation with the lighthouse first as a member, than as a volunteer, and eventually as a member of the Advisory Committee. Replacing the legendary Ayres Davis on the Board of Trustees following his transition to emeritus status, Ms. Lewis became a Board member in 2002; the same year that the $1,150,000 restoration of the lighthouse was completed.

Tami has faithfully served the Preservation Association in that capacity ever since, chairing numerous committees and holding several officer posts including that of Vice-President from 2004 until 2011, and as President from 2011 until November, 2014. Appointed the honorary status of Trustee Emerita by unanimous vote in January, Ms. Lewis has moved to north Florida to pursue her personal dreams but will remain a valuable Lighthouse advocate and adviser in her new role.  

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