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The Pump House Restored!
When hurricane Matthew passed along the Florida coast last year, the light station was thankfully spared any major damage. The storm caused mostly gutter and roof shingle repair and a lot of debris cleanup. All damage was minor with the one exception of the light station's pump house. This is the historic small wooden structure that sits just next to the tower on the south side. The hurricane badly damaged the pump house and we determined it required a complete restoration.

We assessed the pump house and gathered all the wind-scattered pieces to discover which parts were historic and which were from more recent repairs. We learned that the pump house had been extensively damaged and then repaired on many occasions by past storms, age, and wear.

We further researched the pump house, consulting any and all historic records and photographs in our archives. Using all of the historic parts from the existing pump house, matching period-correct historic materials, and modern equivalent replacement parts when necessary, the pump house was fully repaired and restored based on the remaining structure and historic research. We are relieved and happy that the restoration and maintenance staff here at the lighthouse have returned this gem of an historic building to such great form.

On this location next to the tower, a well was first dug in 1906. Soon after, a windmill with wooden storage tank was built to provide water to the keepers' dwellings. The original pump house with gasoline-powered pump was built to replace the windmill in 1915. Today, the well and pump house are still in use to water the grounds here at the light station. Be sure to visit soon to view all of the new items placed on exhibit including the 'new' historic pump house.